Annual Meeting EPIZONE

De 9e EPIZONE Annual Meeting vindt van 2 - 3 september plaats in Montpellier, Frankrijk. De meeting is bestemd voor wetenschappers en stakeholders die geïnteresseerd zijn in de activiteiten an EPIZONE.

Organisator EPIONZONE

wo 2 september 2015 tot do 3 september 2015

Locatie Montpellier, France

The Meeting will be combined with the Xth International Conference of ESVV 2015, ‘Changing viruses in a Changing world’, 31 August – 3 September 2015.

The meetings emphasis will be on multidisciplinary approaches for animal disease prevention and control and the recent research advances. In 2015 also, we will provide extensive opportunities for networking, scientific exchange and fostering collaborations, particularly with developing countries where the diseases are widespread.

CVI contributions to the parallel sessions

  • 2 Sept 15h30
    of African swine fever virus transmission parameters in carriers and
    the possible role of indirect virus transmission
    by Willie Loeffen, Eefke Weesendorp, Bernie Moonen‐Leusen, Thomas Hagenaars, Phaedra Eblé
  • 3 Sept 10h10
    MINTRISK, a Method for INTegrated RISK assessment of vector‐borne livestock infections
    by Aline De Koeijer, (Wil Hennen, Sofie Dhollander,) Clazien De Vos
  • 3 Sept 10h55
    Prevalence of some potentially zoonotic pathogens in the Dutch equine population
    by (Kees van Maanen, Martine Bloemer,) Joke van der Giessen, (Inge Santman‐Berends,) Miriam Koene.