Seminar: “Wageningen University & Research, BU Greenhouse Horticulture: applications for plant breeding”


Applications for plant breeding in greenhouse horticulture

Plant breeding is the basis for the creation of new plant varieties that are more resilient, with high production and quality, which satisfies the requests of the consumers. In the area of genomic selection and high throughput technology, knowledge and expertise on crop physiology, resilience and phenotyping are essential to reliably predict the potential of a new plant genotype.

Organisator Wageningen University & Research, BU Greenhouse Horticulture

wo 6 juni 2018 12:30 tot 18:00

Locatie Bleiswijk
Violierenweg 1
2665 MV Bleiswijk
+31 317 485 606

WUR Greenhouse Horticulture, can contribute to the breeding process by applying our state-of-the-art greenhouses facilities, physiological knowledge, automated measuring systems, data analysis by means of crop growth modelling, while considering commercial best practices. In this seminar, we would like to inform you about our latest developments in these field and discuss with you how this could contribute to plant breeding.

Time Activity
12.30 Arrival WUR Greenhouse Horticulture, Bleiswijk
13.00 Welcome by Eric Poot
13.15 Improving plant growth and quality: spectral opportunities by Anja Dieleman
13.45 Eco-metabolomics for plant resistance by Kirsten Leiss
14.15 Automation and robotics for high-throughput phenotyping and precision horticulture by Rick van de Zedde
14.45 Coffee/tea break
15.05 Modelling the physiological analysis of GxE interaction by Anne Elings
15.35 Pesticide-free lily bulb production by Henk Gude
16.00 Visit to the greenhouse facilities and demonstrations. This part will include visit of experimental trials with flower bulbs, flower quality, vegetable and berries research.
17.00 Drinks
17.30 Closure


There are no costs associated with this event.


This information day is meant for companies active in the field of plant breeding. Please send an e-mail to Chantal Pont with your name and company name before  May 30th.