Archery Tag Experience English

Organisator Wageningen University

wo 28 september 2016 19:10 tot 22:30

September the 28th, Thymos organises her first event of this academic year! We are going to play Archery Tag. This game is a combination of archery and paintball, in which you try to shoot the other team with soft arrows. We will play this game in rounds, you can subscribe individually or with your friends in the same round (1 round = 5 vs. 5 persons). Interested? Costs will be only 2 euros for students with sports rights and 3 euros for students without sports rights. You can subscribe here! To complete your subscription, you need to transfer 2euros (or 3 euros if you don’t have sports rights) to NL66 RABO 0367 0126 26 in the name of SWU Thymos stating ‘name + archery tag’.

Round 1: 19.10-19.30
Round 2: 19.35-19.55
Round 3: 21.40-22.00
Round 4: 22.10-22.30

Subscribe here!