ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance- 22nd of November

7 Solo pieces by students from ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance.

Organisator Impulse

wo 22 november 2017 12:30 tot 13:30

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

1. 98%

‘There is no fundamental difference between man and the higher mammals in their mental faculties.’ ‘All the differences are of degree, not of kind.’ - C.Darwin. Dancer/choreographer: Ischa Statie Music/credits: Bistro Fada - Stephane Wrembel, Trails - Trentemøller, Rainforest sound-effects

I am Ischa, from Dordrecht, the Netherlands. I did the pre-education for the Conservatorium (piano) as well as dance at Codarts Rotterdam. This is where I started with dance.

2. Old Future

Dancer/choreographer: Hanne Blomme Music/credits: Boxing club - Lukid

I’m Hanne, I’m nineteen years old and I’m from Ghent in Belgium. In Ghent I studied dance for six years at MUDA Atheneum for podium arts, where I had lessons in ballet, contemporary, floorwork, improvisation and jazz. Now I’m living in Arnhem to study at the ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance, where I am discovering more and where I am establishing my own way of moving more and getting stronger in the different styles of contemporary. My main focus for the future is to be a dancer, more than a maker. I would prefer to dance in a company or in different projects.

3. Anatomy of transformation

“Human beings are works in progress who mistakenly think they are finished.” Dan Gilbert Dancer/choreographer: Gabrielle Emily Aidulis Music/credits: Chipchopninja - Isis Ninja Runway, Untitled - Dream a garder tribute - Vessel

I’m Gabrielle and I’m from Lithuania. I was dancing all around in my hometown Kaunas since I was 3 years old. I finished choreography school there, danced in a contemporary dance theater called Aura, as well as in different dance studios where I got some urban background. Now I am trying to concentrate on different contemporary dance techniques and movement practices

4. PEEP show

Dancer/choreographer: Alexandra Verschuuren Music/credits: Unknown for the audience

I’m Alexandra, I grew up in the United States where I started with classical ballet and tap dancing. While living in Belgium for the past 10 years, I studied at a secondary education named de! Kunsthumaniora Antwerp where I discovered contemporary dance. Currently, I have become interested in finding my own personal way in making and improvising. Lastly I am learning how to apply the ways of neuroplasticity into my training and how to keep pushing my comfort zone and habits.

5. Coffee in the morning

Dancer/choreographer: Rowy Tebeest Music/credits: Stomp - Ben Frost

My name is Rowy. I am 19 years old and I am from The Netherlands. Before I started my education at the ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance, I followed the pre-education in dance at ArtEZ for six years. I am interested in performing as well as creating and exploring my own way of moving. I appreciate contemporary dance performances that give me a full experience.

6. A box of oranges

Dancer/choreographer: Jesse Swartz Music/credits: Greim 93 - AGF 6. Rowy

I’m Jesse Swarts, I’m from Hillegom, a small village close to Haarlem, the Netherlands. My background exists mostly of sports, martial arts and movement in general. At the age of 17, I started to do ballet, and became serious with dance training. I was always interested in the behavior of people. This is my inspiration for the solo.

7. Ignore the suffer

They all softly lull you. You’ll be fine. Dancer/choreographer: Justin Patfoort Music/Credits: Nothing’s gonna hurt you babe - Cigarettes after seks

Hi, I’m Justin, a Belgian dancer who has had a contemporary dance pre-education in Ghent. My specialties are floorwork and creating certain flows to mix it with different qualities, such as sharper movements, different styles or more theatrical movements. I also want to become artisticly stronger, that's why I chose for ArtEZ.