ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance

7 Solo pieces by students from ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance,

Organisator Impulse

ma 27 november 2017 12:30 tot 13:30

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

1. Polyglot

Polyglot / pɒl.i.ɡlɒt/ Adjective, speaking or using several different languages

Exp: He was dancing a polyglot peace, with movements in Greek, Lithuanian,

Icelandic, Italian and Chinese.

Dancer/choreographer: Jarne Van Perck

Music/credits: Son of Flynn - Daft Punk

Spoken parts/research: Classmates

Hello. My name is Jarne Van Perck, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Belgium. Before my studies at ArtEZ, I followed a pre-education in Dance in Brussels. I love to base my dancing pieces around short researches. And my preference in dance go to contemporary groundwork like flying low and creating a own dance langue’s true improvisation.

2. It’s fine

Dancer/choreographer: Rosy Lupiano

Music/credits: Largo - Swod, Ja - Swod, Untitled 25 - Ryoji Ikeda

Voice recording: Alexandra Verschuuren, Jarne Van Perck and Nathalie Vermeiren

I am Rosy, I’m Italian and I started dancing when I was seven. Before ArtEZ, I attended few ballet classes but mostly modern jazz classes. I'm now looking for the needs of my body. I want to explore all the possibilities of it in order to find my essence. For this reason, I'm steadily investigating my own artistic path.

3. Velocity into space

Danielle gets launched into velocity and travels to three planets. In the space she researches

aspects as Speed, Slow and Stillness.

Dancer/choreographer: Danielle Huyghe

Music/credits: Red Horse - Colin Stetson, Sagan on Ringvagen - Lisa Kroffe

My name is Danielle Huyghe, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Belgium. Before entering ArtEZ I studied for 6 years in a pre-education in Antwerp (De! Kunsthumaniora). I want to create my own body language as a maker. I'm researching how I can create movements with the idea of sculptures and uncomfortable positions. I want to research the limits of my body and am interested in new visions on art. I want to share my passion and creativity with other artists, which is why I would love to work interdisciplinary in the future.

4. Will . 1. 3 . It . . Ever .

Dancer/choreographer: Lisa De Roij

Music/credits: Modular Astronomy - Max Richter,

Deutches Filmorchester Babelsberg, Robert Ziegler

Mixed by Lisa De Roij

My name is Lisa de Roij, I am 20 years old and I come from Breda (the Netherlands). I currently live in Arnhem and I am a second-year student at ArtEZ where I study Dancer/Maker. Before I started at ArtEZ, I did the pre-education at Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg were I had classes in different dance styles including ballet, modern/contemporary, jazz and improvisation. I am interested in contemporary dance/art, minimalism and creating my own work.

5. A box of oranges

Dancer/choreographer: Jesse Swartz

Music/credits: Greim 93 – AGF

I’m Jesse Swarts, I’m from Hillegom, a small village close to Haarlem, the Netherlands. My background exists mostly of sports, martial arts and movement in general. At the age of 17, I started to do ballet, and became serious with dance training. I was always interested in the behavior of people. This is my inspiration for the solo.

6. I cracked an egg on my head

Dancer/choreographer: Lív Smáradóttir Frodell

Music/credits: Múm

I'm Lív, I’m from Iceland. My background in dance is quite classical and I was interested in studying in Holland because the dance scene here is very up to date. I am now working on developing myself as a creator as well as a technical and diverse dancer.

7. When the water drops

The transformation from a restful state of being to nervousness

Dancer/choreographer: Nathalie Vermeiren

Music/credits: Blue and sentimental - Count Basie, Misc. Youtube fragments

Nathalie comes from Belgium and has been dancing as an amateur most of her life. In Bachelor of Dance Nathalie’s preferences lie mainly within the contemporary/theatrical and physical dance field.