Assessment of strategies for value chains using an extended Structure-Conduct-Performance (SCP) framework: an application to the honey business in Brazil

Promovendus Hugo H (Hugo) Santana de Figueiredo Junior
Promotor prof.dr.ir. AGJM (Alfons) Oude Lansink
Copromotor prof.dr.ir. MPM (Miranda) Meuwissen
Organisatie Wageningen University & Research, Business Economics, Wageningen School of Social Sciences (WASS)

ma 9 november 2015 16:00 tot 17:30

Locatie Auditorium, building number 362
Generaal Foulkesweg 1
6703 BG Wageningen


Competition for the end-customer nowadays takes place more among networks of firms than among individual firms. The analysis of competing firms, thus, has to incorporate the analysis of the entire chain(s) in which the firms participate. The general objective of this research was to make assessments of strategies for honey value chains in Brazil. This thesis extended the Structure-Conduct-Performance (SCP) framework to value chains, evaluated past strategies of honey value chains in Brazil, and suggested new strategies for those chains. Under 2015-2020 honey business scenarios, important strategies are natural complementary colony feeding to promote further production growth, and organic and fair trade certification of a large part of production to increase local value-added.