BOHIMIO presents: Cosmopolitan Bash


BOHIMIO presents: Cosmopolitan Bash

International Club Association, 22:00-05:00 - The BOHIMIO Bash will be a party where different types of music will be played. Ranging from Latin, urban hip hop to techno and dance.

Organisator BOHIMIO

vr 31 maart 2017 tot za 1 april 2017 22:00

Locatie International Club Association, Marijkeweg 31, Wageningen
Everybody has fun during BOHIMIO's parties. The DJ we have contact with is DJ Curtley Jeandor, a young up and coming DJ from the island of Curacao. The name of the party is Cosmopolitan which means a WORLD Citizen. During our parties we like to bring something different to the table, which is why we are called BOHIMIO as a brand. We have a bohemian mind-state where we embrace the fact that we are different, creative and unorthodox. So with that being said: The party will have a small dance performance at the beginning to get the people started and going. We will be selling cocktails at a separate Bar where we have experienced bartenders preparing the drinks. Our usual go to is the Bohimio Cocktail Punch, but this time we will add The Cosmopolitan. From our experience, people really like the Bohimio Punch, because of its refreshing sweet tropical taste. Our crew will also have somebody responsible for taking pictures with a polaroid camera while people pose in front of a poster. So the people have fun, take a pic and get the picture immediately after.