Biobased Performance Materials symposium 2016


Biobased Performance Materials symposium 2016

The 5th BPM symposium will focus on biobased materials R&D in times of Paris climate goals and volatile oil prices. R&D strategies will be presented via an attractive array of interactive presentations by key industry players and research organisations.

Organisator Biobased Performance Materials Research Programme

do 16 juni 2016 09:00 tot 16:45

Locatie Centre hof van Wageningen

In the BPM research programme, companies and knowledge institutes from across the value chain are working together on new biopolymers and on applied research aimed at improving the properties of existing bioplastics. This will put these biobased materials in a better position to compete with existing plastics based on fossil resources, in terms of both material properties and price. BPM is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Schedule at a glance

09:00   Registration in Conference Centre Hof van Wageningen
09:30   Welcome and opening of the symposium
10:00   Presentations  
12:30   Lunch
13:30   Presentations
16:00   Panel discussion Dutch R&D organisations
16:30   Closing remarks
16:45   Networking drinks/bites