Biotechnologische verwijdering van H2S en thiolen van zure gasstromen onder haloalkaline omstandigheden

Promovendus mr. P (Pawel) Roman MSc
Promotor AJH (Albert) Janssen
Copromotor dr. ir. MFM Bijmans
Organisatie Wageningen University, Sub-department of Environmental Technology

do 12 mei 2016 11:00 tot 12:30

Locatie Aula, gebouwnummer 362

Short summary

Biological removal of H2S from gas streams became popular in recent years because of high process efficiency and low operational costs. To expand the scope of these processes to gas streams containing volatile organosulfur compounds, like thiols, it is necessary to provide new insights into their impact on overall biodesulfurization process. In the current thesis multidisciplinary investigations are performed, such as investigations of inhibitory effects of S-compounds on sulfide-oxidizing biomass by biochemical and enzyme studies; modelling of the process performance and biological pathways; preparation of analytical tools for measuring of unstable S-compounds under the process conditions; following the microbial dynamics. The research described in this thesis increases the understanding of the underlying processes occurring in biological gas desulfurization systems when organosulfur compounds are present in the feed gas.