Blindfolded Conversation – TED Circles 1.0

26 March - 12:15 -14:00 - Love to converse but deterred by fear of being judged? Many of us tend to judge people or form opinions, or even end up being judged with just a look. Forget having a conversation, we might not even look at that person again. With TED circles, blindfolded edition, we want to ensure that people go beyond the physical judgment stage. To explore themselves and the other person they are conversing with. And to discover different aspects of each other. It helps in going beyond all the boundaries like political, social, economic etc., which are built by society and also breaking the internal boundaries of the individual simultaneously. The concept is simple. Participants need to come with an open mind and be willing to strike up a conversation with a stranger blindfolded with the help of the TEDx team. At the end of the conversation, everyone is asked to take off the blindfolds and be surprised who they actually did talk with. In a world full of appearances and pretences, it’s important to learn to give everyone a fair chance, irrespective of the way they look, or dress. We need to know what it means to look at more than what meets the eye, for we never know what we might find underneath the surface. Just maybe, a life-long companion is hiding behind an exterior.

Organised by TEDxWageningen

Fri 26 March 2021 12:15 to 14:00