Alumni meeting

Board Meeting Wageningen Alumni Chapter China, Sunday December 27 2015

The official Wageningen Alumni Chapter China is a committed group of Wageningen Alumni that organises events for Alumni in China. A board meeting to evaluate the activities of the year 2015 and potential events for the upcoming year was held on Sunday December 26th 2016 in Beijing.

Organised by University Fund Wageningen

Sat 26 December 2015

The members of the Wageningen Alumni Chapter China had a very succesful meeting. The events that were organised in 2015 were summarized. These included a visit to the Institute of Botany, and a company visit to Ruixue Huanqiu Greenhouse Technical Service.

2016 Plan

For the upcoming year a few potential alumni events have been discussed.

  • A visit to a dairy farm on the outskirts of Beijing
  • An event co-organised with the Dutch Embassy
  • An alumni meeting in the Hainan Province

And more exciting plans are being developed. University Fund Wageningen is looking forward to another succesful year for the Wageningen Alumni Chapter China.

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