Brazil nut production and timber in Peru

Dr. Manuel Guariguata (Center for International Forestry Research, CIFOR) is visiting our FEM group and will give a presentation “Multiple-use forest management in Madre de Dios, Peru: Assessing the sustainability of Brazil nut production and timber in an integrated system”.

Organised by Forest Ecology and Forest Management

Mon 14 April 2014 12:45 to 13:35

Venue Atlas, gebouwnummer 104
Room 2; feel free to bring your lunch with you


Historically, both Brazil nut fruits (Bertholletia excelsa, Lecythidaceae) and timber have been exploited in Madre de Dios, Peru. However, different stakeholders have expressed concern that these combined livelihood strategies may not both be sustainable, if timber extraction results in lower Brazil nut production. Yet little ecological evidence exists to test the extent to which timber extraction affects the yields of this economically important non-timber forest product.

Our study aims at evaluating the potential effects of selective timber harvesting on B. excelsa individual tree fecundity in five Brazil nut concessions (total area: 4000 ha).  We characterize logging intensity on each individual tree as a function of neighborhood, timber volume extracted and proximity to (1-5 yr old) logging gaps. 

The preliminary results from our evaluation of this complex smallholder system point to compatible uses at the current logging intensities being applied and will contribute to refining multiple use forestry systems, a management strategy that has thus far proved difficult to implement in tropical settings.