Monitoring and evaluation for responsible innovation

How can evaluation support transformational change needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?

Organisator Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

do 19 maart 2015 tot vr 20 maart 2015

For: Innovation Managers, Policy Makers, M&E managers, Evaluators, M&E commissioners, Researchers, those with M&E and/or results based management responsibilities

 “It is now up to the evaluation community to show whether evaluation can be part of the effort to save  humanity or if evaluation only can make the journey to its doom marginally better”. (Per Mickwitz, 2014)

Conference participants are asked to submit proposals for: roundtable discussions, workshops, discussions on current innovative practice, paper presentations, case clinics, and more.

The programme that emerges will trigger two days of engaged debate and conversations on how those active in the evaluation profession can rethink their practice to contribute more strategically to innovation and transformational change.

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