Refresher course: Designing and facilitating MSPs for gender- and youth-sensitive food security  

Organisator Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

ma 14 november 2016 tot vr 25 november 2016 12:44

Course focus

The refresher course aims to contribute to gender and youth friendly food security in South Asia, through effective multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs). In recent years, MSPs have become a prominent mode of implementation of food security programmes in South Asia. Different stakeholders realize that they need to collaborate in order to tackle complex problems that cause food insecurity. Besides technical innovation it is increasingly recognized that also social innovation plays an essential role. Hence the focus on how to make MSPs work better for often underrepresented stakeholders such as women and youth. The course will enable participants to better analyse, design and facilitate partnerships that take diverse stakeholder perspectives in to account.

The course will use the recently published MSP Guide of Wageningen UR ( as a central reference, augmented with cutting-edge cases and experts from India that will enhance innovation in the work and organisations of participants.

Target group
Though the course is only open for the select group of the above mentioned alumni. It is intended for professionals of government departments, non-government and civil society organizations, business associations, development agencies, universities and colleges for higher education, and for other professionals working in the domain of sustainable agriculture.