CROP Innovation & Business Meet-up: Into the Blue Zones

Blue Zones are regions of the world where people live much longer than average. These zones are spread around the world. It was discovered that the people inhabiting these zones share lifestyle characteristics that contribute to their longevity, one of them being a plant-based diet.

Organised by KeyGene

Wed 19 September 2018

Venue Wageningen Campus

During the CROP Innovation & Business Meet-up on September 19th, latest insights will be shared about blue zone living, plant-based innovations and the impact on our health. You͛ are also invited to join the tour through KeyGene’s CROP Innovation Center, to take part in a virtual crop science reality and to get up-to-speed with a masterclass ‘Deep learning’.

Crop Innovation & Business invites AgriFood leaders, scientists and influencers to join the international pre-conference on September 19th 2018 in Wageningen. The conference will take place at KeyGene, the go-to AgBiotech company for higher crop yield and quality. KeyGene is founder of the bi-annual Crop Innovation & Business Conference. The 9th edition will be held in Amsterdam, April 14-16, 2019.

The meet-up on September 19th is the pre-event for next year’s three-day CROP Innovation & Business event in Amsterdam. During this pre-event  CEOs, CSOs, Business executives, heads of R&D/Biotech, legal firms, key scientists and investors from the international Agri-Food sector will be present.

Please note that number of participants is limited to 140, early registration (free access) is highly recommended.