Career Development for Postdocs: Science and the Alternatives

Indeed, in the early phase after a PhD it is essential to assess one’s future career and reflect on one's professional ambition and make an in-depth analysis of both professional and personal strengths and weaknesses.

It is therefore that Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) offers this programme to postdocs and other young academics who have a PhD.

Organised by Wageningen Graduate School

Mon 7 May 2018 until Fri 15 June 2018

Duration Two full workshop days, an assessment and an individual coaching session

Course description

Young academics have to make a decisive career choice: either pursue a career in science or look at alternative options of which there are many. When thinking about what to choose many questions arise such as: 

  • Based on what criteria do I make this decision?
  • What drives me to remain in academia?
  • Do I know what my main qualities are?
  • What do I have to offer?
  • Do I have a clear picture of the pros and cons of working in different environments?
  • Do I know what it takes to have a career in alternative working environments?
  • How do and should I present myself reach the career I want?