Career event Teaching and gaining Didactic experience

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Thu 20 February 2020 12:00 to 13:30

Venue Leeuwenborch, gebouwnummer 201
Room C0075

For students who want to explore becoming a teacher and practise didactic skills via a job, an internship or project.


12.00 - 12.20     Information about minor Teacher Training by Renske Vaessen-Bouwman WUR

12.20 – 12.40     Information about internships and working for Food Valley VO-HO by Reina Kuiper

12.40 – 13.00     Information about gaining experience via Cross your Borders by Lotte Haakma

13.00 – 13.30     Q&A plenary and speed dates with Renske, Reina and Lotte

This event is a good way to orientate yourself and to discuss options for internships/projects to do.