Chess tournament

Organisator Sports foundation Wageningen University (SWU) Thymos

ma 18 maart 2019 19:30 tot 22:30

Are you the new student chess king of Wageningen? SWU Thymos and Chess Club Wageningen organize the sixth chess tournament for students in Wageningen on the 18th of March! Do you play chess against friends and are you looking for new opponents? Or have you never found a good opponent here in Wageningen? Then come join the chess tournament at the Bongerd (meeting room 2). The tournament is for every level and the only prerequisite is that you should know the rules of chess. The tournament starts at 19.30. For registration and more information you can send an email to The tournament is free of charge for all participants!

How: Six rounds with a time control of 12 minutes per person per game + an increment of 3 seconds per move

Hopefully we will see you there!