Chilean wine tasting

Impulse, 17.00-20.00 - Chilean wine is well recognised worldwide for its quality and renowned collection. For five years, the Chilean Student Association (AIECh WUR) has organised a Wine Tasting event in the One World Week. Come and test your taste buds and learn about wine. Have fun tasting a glass of red or white wine and see if you know what you are drinking!

Organisator Chilean Student Association (AIECh WUR)

vr 6 april 2018 17:00 tot 20:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115
This year the event not only will include wine and snacks from our beloved country but it will also explore the culture surrounding wine production and consumption in Chile, through poetry and short films. Registration for the event is mandatory since there are limited spots available. The link for registration will be available soon.