CineScience movie talk: Genesis 2.0


CineScience movie talk: Genesis 2.0

With their movie talk, prof. John van der Oost and Niek Savelkoul guide you through the latest innovations in biotech: how can we make new ‘products’ using living systems and organisms? And, how far can we go? That, too, is discussed in the movie when the high-tech genetic scientist want to bring an extinct woolly mammoth back alive. Genesis 2.0 is a film about the secrets and mysteries hidden within nature and the fundamental different views on creation – and the role of mankind in it.

Organisator Wageningen University & Research

wo 15 januari 2020 20:30 tot 23:00

Locatie Heerenstraat Theater
Prijsomschrijving Regular 12,5 | Student 10,- | Cineville 3,5

With CineScience movie talks, researchers from Wageningen University & Research give unique and accessible insights in their scientific work by linking it creatively to a personally selected movie or documentary.

WUR considers its connection with the city of Wageningen and its residents extremely important and is eager to show that everyone actually deals with the themes being researched and developed in Wageningen during everyday lives.

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