Circular Farming Platform Wageningen presents: RECAP Episode #1: A dairy farmer’s case

Together towards circular farming: collectively transforming the agricultural science paradigm. Interested about what the Circular Farming Platform Wageningen is up to? But unable to join our event on the 20th of May? Join the Recap during lunch on the 24th!

Organisator Impulse

vr 24 mei 2019 12:30 tot 13:30

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115
On the 24th of May we invite everyone who is interested to be informed about our findings of the previous evening’s event to come to the Impulse speakers corner. The platform will shortly take the stage after which participants will share their results. To complete the lunch event, a scientist will reflect on our ideas and findings.

To have an indication of people coming, please register here.

To be able to understand the diversity in the agricultural field, the platform invites guest speakers with different farming methods and business models. By looking at the announced paradigm-shift from many different entry points, the platform aims to raise awareness of the multi-levelness of the shift from linear to circular agriculture while presenting how participants contribute.