Conference: Bamboost

The organizing committee has decided to condense the program to one single day for practical reasons, as was preferred by many of the companies. This also has significant consequences for the registration fee that is reduced now to only €100,-

Committed speakers from both academia and industry have confirmed their participation and to give keynote lectures. Scientists and outstanding experts will be covering the state of the art expertise and the latest innovations and designs based on progress in science and technology relevant to Bamboo utilisation, for both food and non-food applications. We are looking forward to a day for interesting information exchange on topics ranging from growing of bamboo in Europe and use of bamboo in the food industry to application of bamboo in textiles and building materials.

Organisator Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, The Netherlands together with the Sino-Europe Agricultural Development Center (SEADC), Zhangzhou, China

di 25 april 2017

Locatie Impulse, building number 115
Stippeneng 2
6708 WE Wageningen
+31 317-482828
Zaal/kamer NCountR


Bamboost Conference themes

  • Sustainable Bamboo production
  • Bamboo in food and health products
  • Bamboo feed production for giant pandas
  • Bamboo biorefinery and production of 'green' chemicals
  • Bamboo fibre extraction methods and use

- Bamboo pulp and paper production and quality

- Dissolving and regenerated cellulose production

- Textile regenerated cellulose fibre from bamboo

- Waste management, disposables and chemical recovery

  • Engineered Bamboo building products
  • Bamboo for energy

Key note speakers

Hans Friedrich INBAR

Organizing committee

Advisory board

Oliver Frith
INBAR Acting Director of programme                          
Phone: +86 1064706161, ext 218                    

Dr. Wangzhao Zhu
Director of SEADC ZhangZhou, Fujian, China                      Phone: +31 628242398                                    

Dr. Patrick Navard          
President of EPNOE, Sophia Antipolis, France                                  
Phone : +33493957466              
E-mail :

Dr. Coosje Hoogendoorn Senior advisor, KIT, Amsterdam 
Phone: +31 20 5688534                       

Arjan van der Vegte                  
R&D project manager MOSO International                   
Phone: +31 229 265732 E-Mail:




For the conference “Bamboost2017” we have arranged several options for reserving rooms at hotels in Wageningen.

Hotel rooms can only be reserved directly by sending an email. Do not forget  mentioning “Bamboost2017”. Only then you are assured to get the conference price.

Option 1: Hotel de Wageningsche Berg

This hotel is situated at one of the most beautiful places of Wageningen. It overlooks the river Neder Rijn.

The price per night including breakfast, excl. Tourist TAX for:

  • A single room: €85,-
  • A double room: €100,-

To obtain a room please mention “Bamboost2017”

Reservations can only be made by sending the reservation form by e-mail to

Walking distance between Hotel Wageningsche Berg – and the Center of Wageningen is approximately 20 minutes, bikes are available at the hotel.

Option 2: Hotel Hof van Wageningen

Hotel Hof van Wageningen: is situated in the center of Wageningen.

60 rooms in option for Bamboost2017”

The price per night excl. breakfast  (12,50 p.p.) and tourist TAX for:

  • A single room: €62,50
  • A double room: €70,-

To obtain a room please mention “Bamboost2017”

Walking distance between Hotel Hof van Wageningen – and Hotel de Wageningsche Berg is approximately 20 minutes, bikes are available at the hotel.

Reservations can only be made by sending the reservation form by e-mail to

Other hotel options (note, there are no special price agreements made. Please contact the hotel):

  • Hotel- restaurant Nol in 't Bosch
    Hartenseweg 60, 6704 PA, Wageningen
    Tel: +31(0)317-319101
    (Hotel has reasonable priced taxi/transportation options)
  • ReeHorst
    Bennekomseweg 24, 6717 LM, Ede
    Tel: +31(0)318-750300
    (Close to the railway/bus station Ede-Wageningen, hotel has reasonable priced taxi/transportation options)
  • Hotel De Wereld
    5 mei plein 1, 6703 CD, Wageningen
    Tel: +31(0)317-460444
    (Walking distance between Hotel De Wereld and Hotel de Wageningsche Berg is approximately 20 minutes)
  • Hotel 't Paviljoen
    Grebbeweg 103-105, 3911 AV, Rhenen
    Tel: +31(0)317-619003
    (Next to the Ouwehand Animal Zoo)
  • Fletcher Hotel Doorwerth-Arnhem
    Kabeljauwalle 35, 6865 BL, Doorwerth
    Tel: +31(0)317-319010

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      B. Cancellation terms organization

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      Registration costs and provision

      Full fee attendance 25 April: 100,-

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