Justice or Truth? (series: Coping with Collective Trauma)

Lecture by prof. Antoine Hol on Tuesday 8 April

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Tue 8 April 2014 20:00 to 22:00

Venue Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

Legal Responses to Collective Trauma

Antoine Hol  (Professor of Jurisprudence, Utrecht University and member of the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam and Den Bosch) takes us on a journey through juridical dimensions of collective traumas. Can juridical process offer a means of dealing with such dramatic group experiences? What about truth and reconciliation, transitional justice, tribunals and social rights? What are these instruments? How do they work? Learn about ‘the rules’  governing  the aftermath of collective anguish. What can be said about these tools to redress what happened to people and how do they stand up in international law?

Ton Hol is Professor of Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophy at Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands Education 1972-1980 Law/Philosophy at the Catholic University of Nijmegen 1978 MA Law, Nijmegen University 1980 MA Philosophy, Nijmegen University 1993 Ph.D Law, Leiden University Employment History 1980–1982 Lecturer at the International School of Philosophy at Leusden 1982-1994 Lecturer/senior lecturer Legal Philosophy and Legal Theory at Leiden University 1982–1986 Policy adviser of the Faculty Board of the Law Faculty of the University of Leiden 1993-1994 Fellow of the research centre Recht & beleid (Law and Public Policy), Leiden University 1994-present Professor of Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophy, Utrecht University 2007 – present Director of the Montaigne Centre for Adjudication and Conflict Resolution

Lecturer/expert in
•the Dutch-Sino program on the Rule of Law for Judges in China (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) (2001 – 2004)
•the Czech program on the Rule of Law (Universities/National Judges College) (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) (2002-2006)
•the program on improvement of legal education in Rwanda (Nuffic) (2005-2008)
•the program of  improvement of the Bar Course of the Law Development Centre of Uganda (2008)
•the program of strengthening  the Judicial Studies Centre of Uganda. (2009 – present
•the program of strengthening the Institute of Legal Practice and Development of Rwanda (2010 – present)
•several projects on crisis and public order management