Course quality of protein in animal diets


Course Quality of protein in animal diets

Would you like to catch up with the latest insights regarding the use of protein in animal feed? Protein is an import ingredient in animal diets and best practices change rapidly. In this innovative course, insights from brand new PhD research on protein kinetics and protein chemistry will be revealed to you with a strong link to application in practice. At the end of this course your knowledge on protein quality in animal diets is upgraded with the newest knowledge and innovations.

Organisator Wageningen Academy, Animal Nutrition
Setup Incompany

Target audience

The course is aimed at enriching knowledge of professionals (post graduate/academic level) involved in the animal feed industry and is intended for technical managers, R&D employees, nutritionists, veterinarians, researchers and teachers. The course set-up is cross-species. Also participants from the (supplying) industry or government are welcome in this course.


After following this course, you are up to speed with the latest and most innovative insights of protein quality in animal feed. Furthermore, you will be able to apply them in your daily practice since the insights will be lectured with a strong link to feed formulation, production and development.

Programme indication

08:45 Registration / coffee and tea

09:00 Opening

09:15 Introduction of the course - Dr. ir. R.P. (René) Kwakkel, Wageningen University

09:30 Keynote lecture: Protein kinetics - Prof. dr. ir. W.H. (Wouter) Hendriks, Wageningen University

10:15 Amino acid requirements of growing/finishing pigs kept under different sanitary conditionsY. (Yvonne) van der Meer, MSc, Wageningen University

10:45 Coffee/tea break

11:15 Using protein chemistry to explain differences in digestibility - S. (Sergio) Salazar-Villanea, MSc, Wageningen University

11:45 How to account for protein damage in diet formulation? - T.G. (Tetske) Hulshof, MSc, Wageningen University

12:15 Lunch

13:15 Back to nature: making insects part of animal diets - Dr. ir. G. (Guido) Bosch, Wageningen University

13:45 Keynote lecture: Protein chemistry - Prof. dr. ir. H. (Harry) Gruppen, Wageningen University

14:30 Coffee/tea break

15:00 Unravelling the mechanism of enzymatic protein hydrolysis - Dr. C.I. (Claire) Butré, Wageningen University

15:30 Fast or slow: speed of protein digestion makes a difference. - (Hsuan) Chen, MSc, Wageningen University

16:00 Feedomics: Role of –omics in understanding functionalities of proteins from different sources in monogastrics - S. (Soumya) Kar, MSc, Wageningen University

16:30 Wrap up and hand out of certificates - Prof. dr. ir. W.H. (Wouter) Hendriks, Wageningen University

16:45 Network drinks