Course the Dutch dairy chain explained

The Netherlands are world famous for their high quality and efficient dairy production. What are the key factors of this success? And how can the Dutch best practices be applied in all parts of the dairy chain? Regard the latest insights in the Dutch Dairy Chain, from grass to glass tailor-made for you! For example, get to know know how the quality of dairy production and dairy processing in the Netherlands are organized and you are able to apply these insights in your dairy chain.

Organisator Dairy Campus & Wageningen Academy
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The content could be based on 4 main categories:
Milk processing, primary production, thinking outside the box and threats & opportunities.


Course leaders

The course leaders are:
- Dr. C (Kees) Lokhorst, Wageningen Livestock Research
- C. J. A. M. (Kees) de Koning, Wageningen Livestock Research