Crash Course Crowdfunding for the SDGs

Do you believe we can achieve food security for all? Or that we can stop climate change? Are you convinced that by working together, we can make the world a better place? Do you have ideas for a project or social enterprise in the Netherlands or abroad that contribute to this? Or do you want to learn more about what other initiators have done so far? Then come to the crash course on crowdfunding for the Sustainable Development Goals! With 1%Club, we show how to act local for these global goals.

Organisator Impulse

di 4 december 2018 12:45 tot 13:45

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

At 1%Club, we believe that the biggest challenges of our time do not just ask for big solutions. We are confident that many bottom-up small-scale initiatives and startups together can have a real impact. For this reason, 1%Club offers a platform where initiatives can start their own campaign to collect funds, knowledge or volunteers. This way, ideas can be realised and initiators form part of an international community of changemakers.

During this session, we will tell you all about what crowdfunding is, to what ends crowdfunding is used, and we will give plenty of examples of previous initiatives and campaigns. For more information, check out our website: