Creating a sustainable fashion chain with fruit leather

Leather is one of the earliest materials created and used by humans. It is an important material in the fashion industry and is also often used for luxury goods, and as a status symbol. However, the leather industry is also seen as unsustainable and as one of the most polluting industries due to the use of animal derived products, wastes from skin, and wastewater with high pollution load (residual chemicals).

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do 15 maart 2018 09:30 tot 12:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115
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Besides the waste caused by the fashion industry, the issue of food waste is also a worldwide problem. Approximately, one third of food produced for consumption is wasted. One possible solution to this problem is fruit leather, which is an artificial leather made of plant waste.

However, there are still some knowledge gaps around the production and technical aspects of producing fruit leather that need to be investigated. In addition, in order to ensure that consumers will buy sustainable fruit leather products, it is also important to investigate the consumer acceptance of fruit leather simultaneously with the production of it. Knowing the consumer perception and getting a profile of the consumers can help in making appealing messages and products for consumers.