Creative Innovation: Sensing tipping-points in system earth

In this art performance, inspired by WUR scientists, Ludmila Rodrigues dares you to sense the Earth to understand planetary phenomena within a deeper perspective.

Artist in residence Ludmila Rodrigues has collaborated with WUR scientists from various sciences groups to engage in Creative Innovations. On 31 October Ludmila will present the artwork following from this collaboration and discuss the scientific ideas in forming it with scientists Milena Holmgren Urba, Roy van Beek (both Environmental Sciences Group), Maarten Smulders and Garmt Dijksterhuis (both Agrotechnology & Food Sciences Group).

Sensing tipping-points in system earth

Human evolution is driven by struggle, curiosity and strive. We have come a long way since the so called Anthropocene, where a tipping point represents a point of no return. During her residence at WUR, artist Ludmila Rodrigues delved into various scientific realms, in erratic conversations with the scientists of WUR, in order to learn from all of them at once.

Are we the ones to blame for tragic planetary transformations? Exploring the broad implications of human activity vs. human ways of knowing, she brings attention to the richness (and pitfalls) of our sensory modalities. Since our knowledge is culturally shaped by our sensory modes, perhaps rather than using vision as means to learn, we could smell, taste, touch - feel - the Earth more, as a way to understand planetary phenomena within a deeper perspective. What if the so called ‘other senses’ could provide us with new understandings, thus help us to become more adaptable and resilient? More than providing answers, the artist invites for a playful, multi sensory interaction with the planet, which may allow us to adapt to new conditions.

Register to join at http://www.wur.eu/creativeinnovation, see our Facebook event for more information and updates.