Culturele Ronde Wageningen

On Saturday 25 April and Sunday 26 April the biennial Cultural Circuit Wageningen will take place. This year more than 70 visual artists will present their work. Two years ago ca. 8000 visits were made to workshops and exposition sites all over the city.

WageningenUR supports this event and offers artists the opportunity to exhibit their work in 2 buildings: Impulse and Forum.

Organisator Impulse

za 25 april 2015 tot zo 26 april 2015

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

Programme Impulse

Exposition 25-26 April:

  • Photos by the cameraclub Wageningen
  • Paintings and collages by Anja van der Neut
  • Ornaments of glass and photos by Margreet Takken


Saturday 25 April:

  • 11.00h-16.00h:  to be announced
  • 16.00h-17.00h:  SweetPotato, Traditional Chinese Music

Sunday 26 April:

  • 12.00h- 13.00h:  Lunchconcert by The Band  with dance- and film music 1930 to 1960. Els de Jong (piano), Vera Spronk (clarinet) and Joke Zephat (sax)
  • 14.00h-17.00h: Nanja Bakker (harp) and Eva Luna (storytelling)

Programme Forum

Exposition 25-26 April:

  • Sculptures and ceramics by Betty van Gelder
  • Paintings by Marina Kuyper
  • Paintings by Jacqueline Engels
  • Objects of hand-made paper and tapestry by Hilly Timmerman

You can visit the exposition and performances between  11.00 h -17.00 h.   

The admission is free. 

On the occasion of the Cultural Circuit WageningenUR also publishes a book containing all the exterior artworks on Wageningen Campus. The book is for free and available in Impulse and Forum.