DTL Communities@Work 2018

DTL Communities@Work will offer an environment to convene and seed tangible collaborations on issues of FAIR data stewardship, data & ICT service infrastructures, data modelling & analysis.

Organisator Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences

di 2 oktober 2018 08:45 tot 18:00

Locatie Jaarbeurs Utrecht

We invite all professionals working in de fields of life science and data science to participate and develop life science data solutions together. Life science domains covered range from biomedical & health to nutrition & agro, and from microbiology and industrial biotech to ecology & biodiversity.

DTL Communities@Work will feature interactive workshops organised in close collaboration with DTL partner communities on topics such as:

  • Learning from distributed data in Personal Health Train & Farm Data Train
  • Modelling the Human Metabolism
  • Designing a data services infrastructure for X-Omics projects and the Million European Genomes Alliance
  • Research Data Management in practice; from burden to benefit
  • Towards an informatics roadmap for biodiversity research
  • Machine learning in life science research
  • How to make research software FAIR
  • Building a training curriculum for FAIR Data Stewardship
  • Access to public funding for (inter)national collaboration