Diederik Samsom: houses without natural gas

Diederik Samsom is back, as a green advisor, member of the supervisory board of state energy company EBN and as a negotiator for the national climate agreement. His mission: natural gas-free residential areas.

Organisator Impulse

wo 28 november 2018 18:00 tot 20:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

According to Samsom: "The Netherlands has to switch to a different energy system, for example towards geothermal energy. Everyone knows that natural gas, a source of CO2 emissions, has no future because of climate change. What are we doing now at home? Lighting a gas flame that becomes a few thousand degrees, and then heating water to almost 100 degrees. With that, we heat our living rooms to 20 degrees. Energetically a crazy activity. An energy transition is undisputable.


18.00 – 18.15  Welcome to Diederik Samsom

18:15 – 19:00 Students Honours Programme: pitches posters

19:00 – 19:30: Reaction on pitches from and discussion with Diederik Samsom

19:30 – 20:00 Public Q&A discussion with Diederik Samsom