Dies Natalis

Dies Natalis about 'Healthy food and living environment'

The Dies Natalis (birthday) of Wageningen University - founded in 1918 - is celebrated annually around March 9 with a symposium and some inspiring lectures about one of the themes Wageningen UR focuses on. In 2015 is the theme 'Healthy food and living environment'.

During the official celebration of our Dies Natalis, ecologist and renowned wildlife photographer dr. ir. Ruben Smit, director of the award-winning documentary ‘The New Wilderness’, will share his views and insights on the theme ‘fascinating nature’. Several of our leading young scientists will reflect on the theme, based on their scientific work. 

Some leading young scientists of Wageningen UR (Marleen Kamperman, Lisa Becking, Lourens Poorter) talk about their scientific work in the field of species and ecosystems, the theme of this year's Dies.

Healthy food and living environment

The 97th anniversary celebration of Wageningen University is dedicated to the nature part of our domain: healthy food and living environment. The huge diversity of species as well as the ecosystems hosting them on our planet, have adapted to survive the most challenging of circumstances, such as drought, poor soil conditions, the effects of human behaviour and climate change. Exploring and understanding the functioning of species and ecosystems is fascinating and helps to safeguard biodiversity, but it also helps us in our work on global issues such as food security, availability of potable water and new forms of sustainable energy.

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