Diet and Cancer: from prevention to survival

2nd edition

This meeting aims to discuss the current progress in Diet and Cancer Prevention as well as Diet in Cancer Prognosis and to provide tools for ongoing and future research.

Target group

The course is at postgraduate level and aims at professionals from various fields (e.g. nutritionists, epidemiologists, health promoters, physicians, health policy makers, nutrition educators, biologists, food scientists) interested in the subject. The course may be of specific use for PhD students and postdocs working in this field.

Programme topics

  • Diet and cancer prevention: meta-analyses and from epidemiology to biology
  • Energy balance and cancer risk
  • Diet-gene interactions
  • Dietary biomarkers, metabolomics and cancer risk
  • Diet, epigenetics and gene-expression
  • Diet and cancer prognosis: meta-analyses
  • Lifestyle change in cancer survivors
  • Body composition and weight management in cancer patients