Dilemmas and Opportunities at Farm Level

What does a transition towards a circular food system mean for farmers? And what opportunities and challenges are they facing in this transition?

Organisator Studium Generale

di 17 maart 2020 20:00 tot 22:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

About lecture series Economic Perspectives for a Circular Food System

Attention for circular food systems is booming. Now that Dutch agriculture has to move towards circularity, it becomes clear that a lot of questions with regard to the business model for food producers, fair and true pricing along the chain, and the economic system in general, remain unanswered. For example, can farmers make a living from circular production? Are consumers and retailers willing to reward circularity? How do we organise responsibility in the food chain? Are there options to move beyond growth and GDP? In this series we will discuss these questions and explore the role of the economy in the transformation towards a circular food system.

This series is organized in collaboration with the Animal Production Systems group, Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy group, and Wageningen Economic Research. These four public events can be followed separately. They can also be followed as part of a new university course (capita selecta, 3 ECTS) which is organized in period 5, in the evening.

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Dilemmas and Opportunities at Farm Level

We’ll start this series by focusing on the basis of the food system: agriculture. What does a transition towards a circular food system mean for farmers? What are (novel) business models that food producers can adopt to move towards a more circular food system? And what opportunities and challenges are farmers facing in this transition?

Tonight’s lecturers will address these questions based on their experiences in politics, research, industry, and farming practice. Hester Maij will share the findings of the Taskforce ‘Earning Capacity Circular Agriculture’ and go into measures needed to move towards a more circular food system. Based on their experience, Marleen de Rond-Schouten and Henry Verwaijen will discuss what is needed to translate circular agriculture concepts to the farm level.

About the speakers


Hester Maij is Corporate Director Public & Regulatory Affairs at FrieslandCampina. In 2019, she chaired the Taskforce Verdienvermogen which studied the economic consequences and dilemmas of a transition towards circular agriculture and advised the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. Hester Maij was previously active in politics as a provincial executive at the province of Overijssel and as alderman in the city of Amsterdam.

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Dr. Marleen de Rond-Schouten is Director Digital Innovation at ForFarmers. She holds a PhD in agricultural systems modelling and simulation from Wageningen University. After a postdoc at VU University Amsterdam she worked as a dairy market analyst and programme leader at FrieslandCampina. Together with her husband she runs a pig farm based on the ‘wroetvarkenconcept’ and with local sale.

Henry Verwaijen is Marketing Director Ruminants at ForFarmers. After a career as marketing manager and sector manager at different animal nutrition companies, including Nutreco and Hendrix UTD, he joined ForFarmers in 2012.