Taste of Africa, Celebrate African culture


Discover Africa: Culture and Cuisines

The Spot, 19:00-21:30 - This activity will help us to discover the diverse cultures and cuisines of Africa, where different African countries will offer traditional cuisines and showcase their artifacts and fashions (traditional African styles e.g. ceremonial attires). In addition, there will be traditional dances presented (e.g. Rhythmic drumming from Ghana).

Organisator United Community of African students

vr 6 april 2018 19:00 tot 21:30

Locatie The Spot, Orion, building number 103
Bronland 1
6708 WH Wageningen
0317 48 87 77

Expected countries to take part include: Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Somalia, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, and Malawi.