ECS actively involved in Neighboursweek at WUR

This year, Dine Brinkman and Arjen Wals from ECS are actively involved in the Neighboursweek at WUR.

Organised by Education and Learning Sciences

Wed 20 April 2016 12:30 until Thu 21 April 2016 13:15

Room C76 Leeuwenborch

20 April 12.30 - 13.15 Leeuwenborch C0076

The story of Julia or the added value of cultural diversity (Presentation by Dine Brinkman)

At WUR students from 99 different countries try to obtain their degree. They have to engage in group work, to speak up in classrooms, to deal with open-book exams, to share dinners with housemates, etc. International PhD’s and staff members have to deal with Dutch supervisors and colleagues. In this interactive lecture Dine Brinkman informs you about how WUR supports internationalisation and more specifically about the course Intercultural Communication Skills and the workshop Introduction to the Netherlands. 

21 April 12.30- 13.15 Leeuwenborch C0076

Teaching and learning about inevitably vague concepts: the case of sustainability (Presentation by Arjen Wals)

'Sustainability means so many things that in the end it means nothing at all'. I will look at this from the perspective of teaching and learning and argue that from an education point of view sustainability has an 'appealing vagueness' that forces learners to embed it with meaning within the context in which sustainability is explored. The controversies, complexities and uncertainties marinating sustainability make it a powerful concept for teaching and learning about wicked problems.

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