ETC-PHHP Summer Course 2016 - Health & Place. Connecting People, Environment & Health

The 2016 summer course 2016 will be hosted by Wageningen University, the Netherlands

Organised by Health and Society

Sun 31 July 2016 until Sat 13 August 2016

Venue Leeuwenborch, gebouwnummer 201

The European Training Consortium in Public Health and Health Promotion, formed by ten public health schools and institutions, organizes a training course each year (summer course) on developing tools for health promotion strategies in Europe. 

The 2016 summer course 2016:
Health & Place. Connecting People, Environment & Health
will be hosted by Wageningen University, the Netherlands

Course Content
Central in this special 25th ETC Summer School is the everyday-life perspective of Health and Place. Health is a complex and highly subjective concept created in everyday interaction between people, their particular lifestyle behaviour, the social and physical environment, and societal structures and systems. It is well-known in research and practice that the place in which we live, work and age influences the opportunity for health. Additionally, in response to the key global challenges such as sustainability, climate change and food security there is increasing attention for the combined effort of multiple disciplines to jointly improve the health of humans, animals and plants within sustainable ecosystems using an integrated systems approach.
The aim of the residential Summer School in Wageningen is to provide an international and multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of knowledge and skills and opportunities to explore:

  • people-environment interaction in relation to the promotion of health and wellbeing (health promotion)
  • internal and external resources and mechanisms that enable people to participate fully in society
  • system approaches to create synergy between EcoHealth and holistic approaches of health

The 2016 Summer School consists of eight learning weeks: the first six weeks will be delivered as a distance learning module, followed by a two-week intensive course. You can download the programme here:

The course methods include introductory presentations from the course team, self-study, group work, problem solving and other forms of peer-based learning. Expert briefings and field visits are included. The 25th residential Summer School will be held at Wageningen University, The Netherlands, hosted by Dr Lenneke Vaandrager and Prof. Maria Koelen of the Health & Society Group.

For more information, download our leaflet:

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