EUA Review of the Wageningen University PhD programme

Public meeting and presentations of conclusions of preliminary findings by the EAU review panel of the Wageningen University PhD programme.

Organised by Wageningen University

Fri 16 January 2015 09:30 to 11:00

Venue Impulse, gebouwnummer 115
Room Speakerscorner

The European University Association (EUA -not related to EU) is the main voice of the higher education community in Europe. EUA is building strong universities for Europe through targeted activities aimed at supporting their development. These activities include also targeted services such as the Institutional Evaluation Programme, an independent service dedicated to doctoral education. Today the EUA panel will present their findings on the institutional evaluation of the PhD programme of Wageningen University, the first PhD-evalution by the EUA at this level.

One of the documents the evaluation review panel has received is a self-study of the Wageningen University PhD programme.

A key question for this evaluation is to determine whether the learning targets of the Wageningen PhD programme meet international standards. A second question is to determine wheather the Wageningen PhD programme has the structure and processes in place for PhD candidates to attain these learning targets.