Edible insects: a sexy food topic for the rich or a solution to feed the world?

The meat crisis is prompting us to rethink our diets and food habits. There is an alternative protein source available: edible insects.

Organisator Agromisa and B.V.W. Biologica

do 31 mei 2018 20:00 tot 22:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

In the tropics, people have been collecting the nearly 2000 species of insects available for human consumption for a long time. However, if we want to promote the use of insects, then harvesting in the wild will not be enough. Insects also need to be reared and produced. This is already happening in Thailand for instance, and a number of new initiatives are underway in both tropical and Western countries to explore the potential. In spite of the happy news, critical voices point out that progress has been very slow due to cultural barriers. They argue that edible insects mainly is a sexy food topic for urban hipsters and will never be a solution to feed the world?  In this Agromisa Lecture Series, Arnold van Huis will share his knowledge and views on edible insects and its potential role in global food security.

Arnold van Huis

In 1997, he gave his first lecture on edible insects. At that time, only a few people had heard about it. From about 2010 onwards, he started his research on edible insects, making a big impact and today most people are familiar with it. In 2013, in collaboration with the FAO, he wrote the book Edible insects: future prospects for food and feed security (freely available). It has been downloaded more than 7 million times. The book serves as a guide for researchers, policy makers and practitioners. Today, he is still very active in the field, travelling across the world to give advice to governments and researchers, and check on recent developments, especially in China.

As a student, Arnold van Huis served as a board member of the Agromisa Foundation, and fifty years later, in 2015, he wrote the foreword of the much sold and downloaded Agrodok 54 of Agromisa on Edible insects in Africa.

After his presentation, there will be time for questions and propositions for debate.

Time Activity
20:00 Walk-in with coffee
20:15 Introduction by the Agromisa Foundation & Introduction by “B.V.W. Biologica”
20:30 45 minute talk by Arnold van Huis
21:15 Questions and debate
22:00 Drinks and Bites

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