Education Innovation Seminar

Wageningen University is in the process of adapting our well appreciated education to the future. Due to growth in student numbers, we need to make our education more efficient and more effective while, at the same time, we want to maintain our high quality. The Executive Board would like to use your knowledge and experience in the design of education for the future. Therefore, € 350.000,- of the strategic funds will be available for education innovation projects by lecturers for lecturers: to realise your innovative ideas and to show them to others.

Organisator Impulse

wo 11 maart 2015 13:30 tot 17:30

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

During the Education Innovation Seminar 57 lecturers will present their innovation proposals in a one-minute pitch. In addition, the results of four previous innovation projects will be discussed. A panel chaired by the Dean of Education will advise the Executive Board on the allocation of innovation subsidies based on the proposals.

All WU lecturers are invited to attend the Education Innovation Seminar to get inspired by the ideas of colleagues.

13.00 Welcome with coffee
13.30 Opening
13.45 Parallel presentations on good practices from previous years - Christian Fleck: alignment between courses - Lauren Wagner: gamification as solution for less attractive course content
14.15 Pitches on new innovation proposals
15.15 Break with coffee
15.30 Parallel presentations on good practices from previous years - Bettina Bock: feedback with large groups of students - Kees de Graaf: activation of students by IT modules
16.00 Pitches on new innovation proposals
17.00 Closure and Drink