Environmental Governance Seminar

Professor Jeffrey Broadbent of University of Minnesota, USA will give a seminar entitled 'Global Field of Climate Change Discourse: Dimensions of Contention'.

Organised by Environmental Policy

Wed 26 November 2014 12:30 to 14:00

Venue Leeuwenborch, gebouwnummer 201
Room C82

Global Field of  Climate Change Discourse:  Dimensions of Contention

This presentation will explain the development and method of policy network analysis with a review of the main research orientations and empirical findings to date, its use in comparative cross-country (cross-case) analysis, its benefits and limits, and its application to the comparative study of national climate change mitigation politics.

United Nations mediated agreements have produced new global norms (UNFCCC) and targets for industrialized societies (Kyoto Protocol) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Nonetheless, global emissions have continued to climb rapidly.  The 2009 UN COP15 meeting to build a more comprehensive post-Kyoto global agreement ended in failure.  What are the major issues dividing the globe and preventing agreement?  This paper analyzes the major differences in the 2007-8 global field of mitigation discourse leading up to COP15.  Teams in 17 societies coded articles about climate change from their top three newspapers into 142 thematic categories.  Principle component analysis revealed two main dimensions of polarization: 1) international/global negotiations versus local politics; 2) rejection of dominant scientific findings versus search for effective mitigation policies.  Each pole attracted ancillary stances.  Within this global collective action dilemma, the national interest is becoming ambivalent, but global norm diffusion, assumed to be progressive, can also be reactive.

Dr. Jeffrey Broadbent is Professor at the University of Minnesota Sociology Department, Minneapolis, USA. He received his PhD fromHarvard University in 1982. His areas of interest include environmental sociology, social movements, network analysis and discourse analysis. He is the principal investigator for the COMPON project, a comparative study of how discourse and mobilization affect national policies to mitigate climate change.

Prof. Jeffrey Broadbent
Prof. Jeffrey Broadbent

Environmenal Governance Seminar Series