Erdinç Çakmak: Fields of power in the informal tourism economy

The paper of Erdinç Çakmak aims to explore informal tourism entrepreneurs’ position in the tourism system through an analysis of the structural fields in which they operate.

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Tue 20 February 2018 12:30 to 13:30

Venue Leeuwenborch, gebouwnummer 201
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Examining relations in entrepreneurial policy and actions in Chiang Mai

The paper examines whether and how informal entrepreneurs are excluded from policy actions, particularly those processes aimed at developing tourism entrepreneurialism. Bourdieu’s theory on fields and capitals was applied to ethnographic narrative accounts of stakeholders in tourism in Chiang Mai, Thailand to assess these roles.

Using Bourdieu’s concepts of fields helps us to identify the types of capitals possessed by people working in the informal tourism sector, understand and map any linkages between them and other stakeholders and, suggest ways to learn from and connect the different fields and capitals to benefit the whole society and economy.

Finally, the results of this paper highlight the complex political and socio-economic issues in tourism governance in developing countries, leading to recommendations on how to effectively and appropriately influence the role of informal entrepreneurs.