Discovering Dutch agriculture and horticulture


Example: Discovering Dutch agriculture and horticulture

10-day study visit programme, especially for Japanese people. The Netherlands and Japan have a lot in common with respect to population density, education level, work ethic, available technology, welfare standards, short distance to metropolitan areas ageing population and more. Also when it comes to agriculture: for example the predominance of family farms, strong cooperative organizations, fertile soil and high land prices. So why is it that in the Netherlands the total agricultural export is 53% higher than the total agricultural import whereas in Japan, the total agricultural import is 1488% higher than the total agricultural export?

Organisator Wageningen Academy
Locatie Wageningen

Discovering Dutch agriculture and horticulture

Drivers behind its success and lessons for Japan

The programme is built around three pillars (modules). Each module consists of three days and is built around the same structure, as follows:
- Day 1 Presentations from well-known researchers and teachers at the campus of Wageningen University & Research (WUR).
- Day 2 Field trips and masterclasses with field experts to experience how ‘it’ works in practice.
- Day 3 Based on the acquired knowledge and experience, experts and participants review and discuss possible ways forward to revive agricultural development in Japan.

Target Group

Many Japanese national and prefectural government bodies, universities, other knowledge institutions, and businesses can profit by learning more about the successful supply chains in Dutch agriculture and horticulture. This dedicated course will serve the curiosity and interest of many in Japan (as a policy maker, teacher or businessman) to learn what routes can bring the desired outcomes with respect to food production and rural development in Japan.


After the course, participants will have new ideas and insights about how to implement new strategies and policies to their own situation in Japan. Furthermore:

–Participants will have course material about the Dutch agri&food ready to use in Japan
–Participants will have built a network of Dutch experts in agri&food supply and processing companies