Exhibition Gerrit Rietveld Academie about Genomics on Wageningen Campus


Exhibition Gerrit Rietveld Academie about Genomics on Wageningen Campus

Artists and scientists often look at the same problem or question, but from a different perspective. When art and science intersect, inspiring ideas arise. On 19 May, Louise Fresco of Wageningen UR opens a new exhibition, in collaboration with students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie called ‘Genomics’. This exhibition shows the work of students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie who have been inspired by the research of Wageningen UR concerning Genomics.

Organisator Wageningen University & Research

do 19 mei 2016 tot do 23 juni 2016

Locatie Lumen, building number 100
Droevendaalsesteeg 3a
6708 PB Wageningen
+31 317 481 700

What is genomics?

Genomics is a collective term for a broad spectrum of research techniques used to gain insight into the structure and functioning of the genetic material of plants, animals and microorganisms.

Disruptive thinking

We cannot imagine progress and wellbeing anymore without technology and objects designed and made by humans. A fascinating new category of design is emerging, combining engineering with ecology, biology, genetics and chemistry and insights from the social sciences. Not surprisingly that the opening of the academic year 2015 / 2016 was marked by ‘Disruptive thinking’, which means a certain way of thinking; free, optimistic and with a new view.

Art is also a portait of an era and it says something about how people look at their own society.
Louise Fresco, President of the Executive Board of Wageningen UR

Art & Science at Wageningen UR

Wageningen UR pays a lot of attention to the intersect of art and science. In May and June there are three exhibitions on Wageningen Campus: the exhibition about genomics (19 May 19 - 23 June), the exhibition "Urban Microclimates' (23 May - 23 June) and an exhibition about light pollution: Exposed - When Nature is Bound to our Rhythm of Light.

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