Expo Unfold by Kim Habers, Arja Hop & Peter Svenson

Arja Hop and Peter Svenson are working as an Artists’ Duo since 2015. In the realization of there work they apply analogical photography in its most basic form. They study nature with natural physical and chemical processes. The images are determined by the nature of the material rather than our perception of it. There work is essentially about beauty, simplicity, sensitivity and subtlety of natural logic and is not created but discovered.

Kim Habers works on and with paper are like an organism that overgrows and crawls, a vegetable regime that threatens to occupy the space. The eye loses itself, it does not know exactly what it sees. The lines crawl over and through each other, as if it never stops. That’s where Kims drawing is about: appearing and disappearing.

Kim Habers is one of the exhibitors in Galerie Wit.