Exposure Assessment in Nutrition Research

5th edition
The course will address methodological aspects of exposure assessment in nutrition and related fields of biomedical research.

Organisator Food Technology Agrobiotechnology Nutrition and Health Sciences (VLAG), Human Nutrition & Health

ma 27 augustus 2018 tot vr 31 augustus 2018

Course introduction

One of the main objectives of nutrition research is to provide scientific evidence for the role of diet in human health and disease. High quality dietary assessment methods and biomarkers are crucial to optimally design studies in this field. Nutrition research is often blamed for poor exposure assessment that might impair its usefulness. Therefore, studies that evaluate the validity of dietary assessment methods are important to allow proper inference from such studies. Consequently, researchers should master the concepts and principles underlying evaluation studies

Course design

The course consists of a series of lectures, supported by computer-assisted exercises. Also, discussions on exposure assessment in the participant’s own research will be part of the programme.

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