F&A Next 2017 in Wageningen

FoodBytes! will come to the Europe for the first time on May 17th/18th, 2017! FoodBytes! will be hosted by F&A Next. F&A Next is food and agriculture’s foremost innovation summit of the year, taking place on the dynamic environment of the campus of one the world’s most renowned food and agriculture universities: Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands.

Organisator F&A Next

wo 17 mei 2017 tot do 18 mei 2017

Locatie Wageningen Universiteit

Already at the first edition of F&A Next in 2016, the summit managed to gather over 400 participants, including some 150 start-ups, 70 corporates and a number of investors that far exceeded 100. Founders Wageningen University, Startlife and Rabobank have promised to grow the 2017 edition above and beyond F&A Next 2016. The 2017 edition will be a two-day summit with cutting edge business opportunities, start-ups and corporates from more than 30 countries, an unparalleled number of investors, addressing key themes such as the gradual shift to smart farming and the convergence of food and health. Additionally, F&A Next 2017 will host FoodBytes! to provide international start-ups with a solid pitching platform. Have a look at the 2016 edition of F&A Next to get a feel for the vibe.

FoodBytes! and F&A Next already connected in 2016 when F&A Next winners N-Chroma and Phenospex earned a ticket to pitch at FoodBytes! in Boulder, Colorado. Both companies have experienced roller coaster developments since then.  N-Chroma: ‘Where are you going to find 150-200 investors together in one place, ready to listen to your story and give you face to face feedback? It saves time, money and energy. So start pitching!’ Phenospex: ‘Always keep an open mind for different scenarios of funding, constellations of investors or even the amount of money you raise. Know who you talk to and what they are looking for themselves.’ Have a look at N-Chroma’s and Phenospex’ FoodBytes! pitches, and read the full interview with both F&A innovators here.

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