Prof. dr. Martin Mulder

Op 20 oktober geeft prof. dr. Martin Mulder zijn afscheidsspeech na een carriere van 42 jaar in het onderwijs en na 18 jaar bij Wageningen Univeristy. Hier heeft hij verschillende competentiestudies ontwikkeld.

Organisator Onderwijs- en leerwetenschappen, Wageningen University & Research

do 20 oktober 2016 16:00 tot 17:00

Locatie Aula, gebouwnummer 362

Competence for Life

The title of the Farewell address is ‘Competence for Life’, and relates to the core mission of Wageningen University and Research: ‘to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’. ‘Life’ is the very signature on many buildings of Wageningen University. The concept of competence is probably as old as humanity. Introduced in the academic literature in the 1950s, it underwent a remarkable development. Used in the 1960s, criticised in the 1970s, discarded in the 1980s, renewed in the 1990s, and transformed in the 2000s, the global competence movement in the 2010s is stronger than ever. Started as an approach to train specific skills and teach for known jobs, it developed as a strategy to align the worlds of work and education and to prepare professionals for the labour market and lifelong learning. Now it is time to think about capabilities needed for the unknown future, and about ways to effectively learn these.

You are cordially invited to join the Farewell address, and we hope to welcome you on the 20th of October.


15.30 Doors open and seating
16.00 Welcome and introduction by Prof. dr. ir. Arthur Mol
Farewell address by Prof. dr. Martin Mulder
17.00 Reception


Online registration for the Farewell address is now open.

If you are a professor wishing to register and take part in the academic procession, please send an email to Renee Logtenberg.

More information

Learn more about the work of Martin Mulder by browsing and reading papers on professional, entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary, multicultural and innovation competence.

Furthermore, you can browse the programme of the conference ‘Competence Theory, Research and Practice’, which will take place during October 19-21 at the Campus of Wageningen University, on