Farmhack male fertility in swine


Farmhack male fertility in swine

Which models, methods and software can be used for predicting fertility of boar semen? This is the central theme of the two day hackathon organised by Wageningen University & Research and Breed4Food, and supported by and WIAS.

Organisator Wageningen University & Research Animal Breeding and Genomics

vr 24 november 2017 tot za 25 november 2017 09:30

Locatie Dairy Campus, Leeuwarden

The farmhack is centred around methods and modelling. You will be challenged with real field data, and have the opportunity to share
your ideas with likeminded data enthusiasts. Model admirers from the commercial companies will be there to answer your questions where it comes to the practical side of livestock business.

Combine intellectual forces

For this challenge we are mobilizing teams consisting of data wizards and researchers (PhDs, postdocs) who want to apply their magic to field data to solve real time problems in the livestock domain. This hackathon offers you a unique opportunity to work with and meet commercial companies and data analytics.

We offer:


To join this challenge, please register before November 10 at

Don’t forget to bring your own laptop!

In case of other obligations you are also allowed to participate for one day.