Food Filmfestival in Wageningen

In 2015 bestaat Food Filmfestival 5 jaar! Dat wordt gevierd met een nieuwe stijl. In plaats van een driedaags festival in Amsterdam gaat het festival op reis door Nederland en arriveert op 16 september in Wageningen. Food Filmfestival On Tour biedt een podium aan bijzondere filmproducties, bespreekt de belangrijkste voedselthema’s van dit moment en geeft talentvolle, regionale chefs, de kans creatief te zijn met lokale producten.

Organisator Food Filmfestival

wo 16 september 2015 16:00 tot 22:00

Locatie In en om het Orion

Every edition of Food Filmfestival on tour is a mini festival with one particular food theme. The main movie, which is a food film, shows the issue of the evening more in depth. The talk show offers experts and filmmakers the chance to explore the chosen issue even more. Regional chefs will add some taste to the evening with themed dishes and snacks.

During Food Filmfestival on tour the love and appreciation for food in general is being carried out, but also the many problems and solutions that concern our current food system are explored.

Food Filmfestival on tour is organized by the Youth Food Movement Netherlands in close collaboration with local departments of that youth network.

The Food Filmfestival On Tour Wageningen is all about ‘Zaad’. Together with the WUR, there's being worked on an inspiring program, you don’t definitely want to miss. Stay up-to-date about everything related to this 3rd edition of the Food Filmfestival On Tour, start of ticket sales and updates about the program details on the Food Filmfestival event page.